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717 (ex --) Quadruvium

The name of the Quadruvium trail already tells us about the municipality where it is located. It is the Latin word for crossroads, after which Karojba got its name. It is a circular trail that starts in Karojba, at the beginning of the Istrian demarcation road, near the chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes.

From the start, we continue south and follow the wide macadam road to the intersection near the Badavca source. There we turn left to the source itself and then right towards Smolić hill. After Smolić hill, we turn left towards the Glogovac peak and continue along the dirt road to the east to the wide dirt road, turning left again until we reach the intersection. At the intersection we turn right onto the wide macadam until the turn for the Sopajac sinkhole, and along Sopajac we come to the Gavranik sinkhole (*this is a very dangerous sinkhole – you are strongly advised not to approach the edge!) and continue along the dirt road to the north to reach the wide dirt road. We then turn left and continue straight at the intersection where we turn right towards the Grabovac sinkhole. We follow the dirt road to reach the wide macadam road, turning left and 30 metres later turning right. We continue along the dirt road towards Karojba. When we reach the wide macadam road, we turn right first and 50 metres later turn left to the local cemetery and St. Andrew’s church. Next to the cemetery, we continue straight on the macadam road and at the next intersection we turn left and follow the wide road to the next intersection, where we turn left to the Z5042road (Karojba - Vranići). We turn left again and continue along the road to reach the finish, i.e. the start.

Attractions along the trail:

- Badavca source

- Sopajac sinkhole or Veliki dol

- St. Andrew’s Church


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