Information about trails in Istria

Dear visitors

You can find here a list of the most important trails in Istria offered on our Web pages. To simplify your search and to get precise and complete information we suggest using the options described below:

  • "Trail finder" – a map of Istria that filters trails according to the region selected
  • Search engine (in the upper right corner)
  • Trail selection – a detailed description of the trail.

The map of Istria:

Clicking on the map of Istria (the "Trail finder" on the right side of the page) and confirming your selection (clicking on the link "SELECT") only the trails belonging to the selected area are shown. If you wish to cancel your choice and see the complete list of trails, just click on the link "CANCEL". If you wish to change the area, simply click on another area and confirm your selection.

Search engine in the upper right corner:

By typing a complete word or just a part of the keyword in the search engine you will get a full description as it appears in all parts and categories of the web page. Therefore, since information is already divided into different contexts, your search is even easier.

Detailed description of the trails

By clicking on any trail from the list, you will get detailed information about the trail. The detailed description of the trail includes: a description of the trail and technical information, servicing information related to the trail and tourist attractions in that part of Istria. These three options are available by clicking on the links on the right handside of the name of the trail.

Once you see the details of the trail selected, its position on the map of Istria is shown in red colour on the left side of the web page. There is also a possibility to "download" a detailed map of the trails, pdf brochures, and a photo gallery (if available).

We hope that we have facilitated your search of the information needed and that you can find here the joy of discovering Istria.