Guide to Trail Signs


Trails marked in red are designed for experienced and physically fit users. These trails have a demanding surface; they are quite longer and they have a lot of ascents and descents.



Trails of moderate difficulty and length are designed for active users seeking recreation and more challenges in the field. However, some parts of the trails may be technically demanding and include some tough climbs.


Trails marked in green are short and easy trails ideal for a casual stroll and users who are not in good physical shape, including families. These trails have a smooth surface.


Hiking trails

Hiking trails are primarily designed for hikers, but we invite anyone fond of walking to go for a hike. They are marked with hiking symbols and special signs. Given the specific features of this type of trails, they are not divided according to the level of difficulty, but each of them covers a specific hill or part of a hill in northern Istria. Bear in mind that these trails are not circular.

Road Signs in a real environment:

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