Brtonigla Adventure Trek

At the beginning of the year, when most of Europe is chained in ice and snow, the picturesque Istrian town of Brtonigla becomes a place of great fun, wine, chocolate and sports. 

The participants enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Mirna valley and surrounding hills, wriggle through groves, wines and olive trees, master hills, visit typical Istrian towns while getting as prize the marvellous vistas from Učka to the Adriatic.

The race itself is divided into three different intensity categories:

Run & Fun represents the easiest race that is intended for trackers or recreational runners who decided to spend a nice day in the nature, without having to get lost on the field and break through bushes. The race is held on a marked trail and is 10-15 km long.

Mountaineering (20-25 km) and ultra (40-50 km) are classical trekking races where the trail is not marked. Only the control points are marked on these kinds of races. Participants get a map with control points and choose their own fastest and easiest path.

If that isn’t enough, there is the chocolate fair you can visit during the race.

See you in Brtonigla!

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