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716 (ex --) Saint Nicephorus Trail with Raven's Wing section

The St. Nicephorus Trail with its Raven's wing section is a circular 11.1 km long hiking trail that starts in Gračišće (in front of the school), passes through Pićan and returns to Gračišće. The beginning of the trail is on the D64 road towards the south, turning to the right at the first macadam turn all the way to the bridge over the Palonšćak stream. 30 metres after the bridge, we turn left towards Raven's wing to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall hidden inside the forest, and return to the trail along the same path. We continue along the wide road towards the village of Škvari and after 200 metres turn left. The road then narrows and leads across a dry stream bed continuing uphill to the village of Jelčići. In Jelčići, we turn left, moving onto an asphalt road, and then onto macadam to reach the village of Rimanići. Before Rimanići, we turn left and walk along the path decorated with sacred motifs to the village of Pedrovica. We continue along the asphalted surface to the D64 road, cross the road and turn towards Kršan, and after 20 metres we turn onto a narrow path that leads uphill to Pićan. In Pićan, we pass by the local cemetery, cross the car park and turn downhill, onto the forest road. There are several options on that part, and you should carefully follow the soft signalling to the village of Kostrčani. In Kostrčani, we continue along the asphalted surface to the end of the village in a westerly direction. Just before the village of Gojtani, we turn off the asphalted surface onto a dirt road and continue towards Gračišće. Before Gračišće, we turn left, going uphill towards the Pazin – Kršan road. When we reach the road, we turn right and continue along the pavement to the finish line, which is also the start of the trail.

Attractions along the trail:

- Raven’s wing waterfall

- Palonšćak stream

- Pićan centre (St. Michael's church, the Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

- Gračišće centre (the church of Our Lady of God on the Square, St. Anthony’s chapel and the churches of St. Euphemia and St. Vitus)


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