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135 (ex --) Way of the cross trail

Those who practice faith know that in recent years, on Good Friday and on the eve of the Assumption, a procession of the Cross starts from the parking lot near the cemetery in Premantura. However, you can visit the Way of the Cross regardless of whether you are a believer or not.

The trail of the Way of the Cross takes you along the coast and through the forest and the untouched nature of Upper Kamenjak, located between Premantura and Volme. Upper Kamenjak is an area of ??protected landscape, with as many as 487 different plant species.

The trail mainly follows the stone road built during the Austro-Hungarian rule of Istria, which used to connect military fortifications built on this part of the coast. There are 14 stations along the trail with sculptures on the theme of the Way of the Cross, weighing up to three tons. These magnificent works of art created in relief on stone blocks of about one cubic metre were created by the sculptors Jelena Šimunović, Ivan Briski, Ljubo de Karina, Eros Čakić, Denis Sardoz, Tihomir Hodak, Janko Mošnja, Đildo Bonaca, Karlos Monge, Vincent De Vincenzo, Marčelo Starčić and Iva Fonović. All these renowned and world-famous sculptors took part in the Cave Romane art colony, organized by the Cave Romane 95 Association, which began in 1992 in the Vinkuran quarry.

The head of the project of creating the sculptures of the Way of the Cross and the author of the five-metre tall cross decorated with carved wattle, erected halfway between Premantura and Volme, is Šime Vidulin. The hill offers a magnificent view of the entire Medulin Riviera and wherever you look, you’re surrounded by the endless blue.

The trail begins at the parking lot in Premantura and ends at the entrance to the village of Volme.


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