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This is a circular tour taking you to the central peak of Mount Ćićarija. The trail runs through forests and passes by numerous religious sites and sites of historical heritage. The symbol (x) stands for crossroads of mountain trails. The abbreviation PP is short for mountain trail whereas the abbreviation IPP denotes Istrian mountain trail. If you are planning to go on this hike, we recommend you to use the 1:25000 hiking map of Ćićarija issued by HGSS in 2015.

The trail starts at the town square in the centre of Lanišće and follows PP 314, ascending up the village all the way to the (x) PP located on the 5014 road. The trail continues along PP 214, turns left, follows the main road for some 150 meters and then turns right into the forest, steeply climbing to the gravel road Račja Vas-Veprinac. When you reach the road, turn right and then, behind the chapel of Miroslav Bulešić, turn left into the woods where you will reach two crossroads. The trail follows PP 203-IPP. Proceed straight at the first (x) PP, and turn left at the second (x) to reach the peak of Orljak rising 1106 meters above sea level (box, log book, stamp). It is believed that there once stood the highest prehistoric hilltop fort in Istria.

Return to the (x) PP and turn left onto PP 216, going round Goli Breg. At the (x) with the PP running in the direction of Šija Vrh, the trail turns right and climbs down a forest path, reaching the (x) PP on the gravel road Račja Vas-Veprinac in Podlom. Proceed straight along PP 215. Just a bit down the path, on your right-hand side, there is a monument honouring the victims of Podlom. At the next (x) PP the trail turns right and once again you'll find yourself on PP 314 leading back to Lanišće.

Lanišće is the site of rich historical, cultural and religious heritage and is widely known for its traditional vocal techniques (Zarozgajmo na Ćićariji). Also, there is a public water tap on the town's square.


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