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Labin mountain trail is a linear bypass connecting the most beautiful hills in the area of Labin and southern parts of Mt Učka. The total length of the trail amounts to 43 km, and it can be passed in three simple stages. Each year in April you can take part in Long Walk Day, a day long hiking trip to LPP. For general information and a more detailed description go to The top part of Sisol may be quite demanding, so it is highly recommended not to embark on the hike in heavy wind or if the cliffs are wet or frozen. The symbol (x) stands for mountain trails crossroads, whereas PP is short for mountain trail.

LPP stage 3 of 3 starts in Plomin. The trail follows PP 702; stay on the eastern pavement of the DC66 state road. The trails passes by a public water tap and a bus lay-by and then starts climbing along stone steps into the village. After you emerge out of the village, first you can expect a fairly gentle ascent, but then the path starts wind uphill at a steeper gradient to the (x) with the PP coming from the direction of Plomin's famous viewpoint Hotel Flanona on the mountain pass Sitodraž (transmission line). At the (x), the trail turns left and runs along a ridge above Plomin. At the (x) PP Zatreb proceed straight and head uphill. The ascent is mild enough and leads onto a panoramic path stretching beneath the peaks of Kalić and Bukovo and meandring along the slopes of Sisol. What ensues is the final ascent to Sisol peak rising 835 meters above sea level. This is were the control point KT 17 hides (box, book, stamp carved in concrete). Continue your hike along the ridge until you get to the (x) Provrtenica (natural hole in the rock), where you'll turn right. The trail then follows PP 720; it descends to the village of Carići, first steeply, and then more gradually. The trail then follows the DC66 road all the way to Brseč, where the LPP comes to an end.


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