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707 (ex 615) TO ST. CANTIANUS

The Trail of St. Cantianus starts at the railway station in Borut and heads west along the main asphalt road. After some six hundred meters the trail crosses the railway, and soon, a hundred meters further, turns left and continues along a side (asphalt) road for another 400 meters. Then it passes under a motorway and descends to the right onto a path which forks after one hundred meters. The trail turns left towards a slope that leads to the Hill of St. Cantianus. The trail winds through the forest and climbs up to a gravel path on the south-western side of the hill. 

The trail continues further along the gravel path all the way to the eastern side of the hill where it follows a branch path to the hilltop. What you’ll find there is a small church of St. Cantianus (crkva sv. Kocijana), which has withstood the ravages of time since the 13th century. You’ll also enjoy the viewpoint offering marvellous views of the surrounding valleys and hilltops. From the top, the trail descends back to the crossroads and continues along the main gravel path, which forks after some two hundred meters and turns left. Still on the gravel path, you will start your descent into a valley. On your way you will pass through the village of Dausi and in the end you will reach again the road you followed before going uphill. The trail continues along the road until it reaches the end point, the railway station in Borut. 

The trail is 6.4 km long and very interesting for all those looking for shorter walking routes taking no more than 2 hours.


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