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The trail runs from Istarke toplice towards Zrenj, and then returns to the starting point in Istarske toplice over the plateau above Gradinj and Toplice.

The trail to Gradinj starts on the asphalt road, but leaves it soon in the vicinity of the tavern “Dolina”. It continues towards the centre of the village, where you can stop by the renovated little church, and then follows the road up to the forest path to Oprtalj, a typical Istrian village whose name occurs even on antique monuments. The trail runs through the impressive canyon and offers magnificent views of both Oprtalj and recognizable mountain range of Učka and Ćićarija. It turns eastwards towards the village of Laganisi at the top of the road. From that point, it follows the marked road (IPP – Istrian mountain trail) up to the village of Vižintini. As you progress along the trail you will be able to enjoy views of the mountain range and many old towns such as Motovun, Kaldir, Sovinjak and Vrh. Upon reaching the village of Vižintini, the trail continues along the marked path all the way to a junction where it turns to the south, but soon turns eastwards again in the direction of the village Žnjidarići. Next to the village of Žnjidarići and at the road bend, the trail joins the road to Istarske toplice, the spa in the valley of the river Mirna whose rich thermal springs have been known since times of antiquity. The spa was even named after the most famous spring, the Spring of St. Stephen (izvor sv. Stjepana), welling out from under an impressive 85 meter high rock on top of which there are ruins of an old church of St. Stephen (crkva sv. Stjepana). During the autumn months, truffle hunters can be readily seen seeking out truffles in the wooded area of Istarske toplice.

Just before returning to the starting point, you can make a slight detour to visit the impressive galleries of the old quarry. The trail arrives back at its starting point after descending down the curve and entering a small park right next to the spa.


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