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284 (ex --) Two castles and Cingarela

We start our walk slowly from St. Saba's Church going upwards to the old village Kaštel/Castelvenere which dominates the valley of the river Dragogna. While enjoying the spectacular view, taking the trail going round the village, we come back to St. Saba's church. There we walk over the asphalt road and, through the pine grove path passing by new built houses, we come to the elementary school. Here we cross again the main road and, following the signs, we go to the end of the village Gadari. Through a field path and a trail in the woods, we come to Cingarela cave, which we can visit. Now, holding ourselves on a steel rope, we slowly descend along Cingarela, the biggest waterfall in Istria made by Agila brook. We go over the Argilla brook and, again holding ourselves on a steel rope we go carefully upwards about one hundred metres and from there, following a narrow trail, we go down up the asphalt road. Here we turn right, crossing the bridge, and immediately turn left on a field path near the water mill and the brook Argilla. Reaching the asphalt road, we turn right and come to the village Most. Here we turn right going over the bridge and, while enjoying the view of the castle of Momjan, we start going upwards towards the castle. We walk near the castle which, very carefully, we can visit. Then we come again to the valley of the brook Argilla, and go over it jumping carefully from stone to stone. Down by the winery „Kozlović“, we turn left and walk on the asphalt road of the valley of Argilla brook to the village Most.  By the tavern „Stari podrum“ we continue our walk straight on and then come back on the same trail towards Cingarela waterfall and up the old village Kaštel/Castelvenere.

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