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824 (ex --) LIBURNIA TRAIL

The small mining town of Raša, known as the youngest town in Istria, is an architectural monument designed by Gustavo Pulitzer Finali. The 11.5 km long circular trail for mountaineers or more experienced hikers starts from its central square which houses the church of St. Barbara, the patroness of miners, former residents of this town. It is interesting that in the belfry of the church is a museum dedicated to the miners. The trail goes through the town and rises to the macadam road that used to be a railway for the transport of mining wagons filled with coal and continues steeply uphill, offering a view of Raša and its narrow valley. The trail passes along the village of Kapelica and comes to the village of Presika, the suburb of Labin. The trail continues further towards Labin, a medieval town located on a 320 m high hill. It is recommended to make a shorter break and walk along the charming streets that connect the city's rich past with numerous art galleries or to stop in the central square and enjoy the rhythm of the city. After returning to the trail, it crosses the hillside and returns to the village of Kapelica, followed by a steep downhill towards Raša. Passing by the quarry and the former coal mine, which is not arranged for visits, the trail returns to the central square and ends.


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