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821 (ex --) BATTIALA TRAIL

The small fishing village of Tunarica is situated on the coast of the Raša bay, and right next to the sea there is the same name camping resort for lovers of holidays in nature from where this circular trail stars. In its length of 10.8 km the trail first passes by the sea, then climbs to the village of Sveti Lovreč Labinski, near which there are numerous archaeological finds dating from the ancient times. It continues further towards the village of Viškovići and again uphill to the Veliko Kolo, a spacious meadow with a natural feeding ground of wild animals. The trail returns shortly downward and descends towards the sea, passing near the church of St. John from 13th – 14th century. It continues further in the direction of the quarry and the Koromačno bay, where the settlement of Koromačno is situated, today known for the cement plant due to which the population settled in these areas by the sea. The bay is well-known for its underwater amphora site from the 4th – 5th century that reveals the rich past of this region. After a shorter break and a walk through the village, the trail continues further through the woods and returns to the Tunarica campsite on the shore of the bay


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