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This is a linear tour taking you to he highest peak in Central Istria. The abbreviation PP is short for mountain trail, whereas the abbreviation IPP denotes Istrian mountain trail.

The trail starts in the village of Grdoselo, by the public tap with drinking water. It follows PP 911 running down marl dunes and descending through small woods, eventually reaching the local road in the village of Butoniga. The trail then follows PP 912. First you'll descend all the way to the Veli Slap waterfall, but then you'll climb up the hamlets of Bašići and Cesari and reach the picturesque Grimalda. Once you're there, don't miss your chance to soak in the magnificent views of the Butinoga accumulation lake and the numerous villages of Central Istria. The trail continues along PP 913. In the village of Kovačići you will briefly find yourself on the 5013 road. Cross over to the east side and then turn left to the peak of Stari Draguć (503 m.a.s.l.). Slowly descend to the village of Grdinići. Upon leaving the village, the trail goes off the marked PP and continues straight along the road passing just beside the village of Borut. The trail ends at the railway station in Borut. If you wish to go back to Pazin by train, check the timetable on


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