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This is a circular tour taking you to the hills north of Pazin. It mostly follows forest trails and is suited for families with children. Pazin is the birthplace of organized hiking in Istria, with the first tours dating back to 1876. The abbreviation PP is short for mountain trail whereas the abbreviation IPP denotes Istrian mountain trail.

The tour starts at the parking lot behind Pazin's Spomen dom. The trail follows the road running northwards along PP 910. In the village of Rijavac the trail turns right onto a path leading to the (x) PP beneath the peak of Dibovljak (427 meters above sea level). Turn left onto PP 920 passing over the peak called Findrlov Brih and reaching the small church known as Sveta Marija na Škriljinah. This sacral monument is tremendously important part of Istrian historical and cultural heritage because it keeps valuable medieval frescoes, so we highly recommend you visit the church with professional guidance. The trail then follows the road, but turns left onto a gravel road just before the village of Beram and climbs up Gortanov brijeg, a hill at the top of which you will get some stunning views of Mount Učka and whole Pazin area. The trail then descends along the former factory of Pazinka and returns to Pazin, coming right to the square in front of the Castle of Pazin, known simply as Kaštel.

We suggest you to end the tour with a visit to the Pazin Cave. You can take the educational trail or experience an adrenaline surge on the zip line if you feel brave enough!


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