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This is an attractive trail taking you to the highest peak in Istria, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views in these parts of Europe. The symbol (x) stands for crossroads of mountain trails. The abbreviation PP is short for mountain trail whereas the abbreviation IPP stands for Istrian mountain trail. If you are planning to go on this hike, we recommend you to use the 1:30000 Učka Nature Park Map issued in 2008.

The trails starts next to the school in Šušnjevica and follows PP 668 which crosses the railway and climbs up a walking path through pastures, reaching the viewpoint in Petrč. From there the trail follows the gas pipeline all the way to the gravel road briefly taking you southwards. Soon the trail turns left and runs across meadows and woods until the (x) PP lying just before Mala Učka. Turn left onto PP 602-IPP all the way to the upper (x) PP in Mala Učka (water tank). The trail continues straight along PP 601-IPP, climbs up through the forest to the multiple (x) at Sedlo and heads steeply uphill to the peak of Vojak at 1401 meters above sea level (observation tower). There is a souvenir shop in the tower. The stamp is carved into the south wall of the tower. The trail descends down the other side of Mount Učka. It starts by following PP 600-IPP, and then it turns left onto PP 612 Plas Educational Trai offering unspoiled views of Istria's hinterland. Just a bit down the mountain, the trail joins PP 600-IPP again. The trail reaches the mountain hut on Poklon, which is also the endpoint of the trail.

The mountain hut is managed by the mountaineering association Opatija. Contact information is available on


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