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This is a circular tour taking you across the peaks surrounding the Mountain Hut Korita. On your way you'll encounter numerous sites of historical and natural heritage. The symbol (x) stands for crossroads of mountain trails. The abbreviation PP is short for mountain trail whereas the abbreviation IPP denotes Istrian mountain trail. If you are planning to go on this hike, we recommend you to use the 1:25000 hiking map of Ćićarija issued by HGSS in 2015.

The trail starts on the bus station in Lupoglav located on the east side of the DC 44 state road. The trail follows PP 315, runs northwards, passes through the railway station and crosses the railway, taking you through the village of Pristava and further across the 5014 road. At the (x) PP in the village of Semić the trail turns left and climbs steeply up onto a plateau and then proceeds to the village of Brgudac. In Brgudac the trail turns right on the (x) with the PP leading into the direction of Podlom. It passes by the WWII Memorial Home and takes you to a public water tap. On the left side of the trail, there is a map of Učka Nature Park. The trail continues along PP 316, which turns left steeply into the forest at the first (x) (the Goat Trail). When it emerges out of the forest, the trail meets PP 314 coming from the direction of Lanišće (Lanišće Path), which leads to (x) PP adjacent to the spring Korita, below the rock of Brajkov vrh. The trail turns left and steeply ascends along PP 301 (Boris' Path) onto the rock with a dazzling view. Here you'll also find a box with a log book and a stamp. Brajkov Vrh, rising 1091 meters above sea level, is actually some 300 meters further to the north, and it is quite a wooded area without nice views. The trail shortly follows Boris' Path until the (x) PP where it turns right onto a very steeply descending path running along PP 300-IPP and leading to the Mountain Hut Korita. Both of the here mentioned descents from/ascents to the rock of Brajkov vrh are quite challenging. In addition to that, the routes itself are not well secured. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid them when it rains and when the ground freezes. Before you go on, stop by the mountain hut Korita and rest for a little while. Take a look at the board showing all mountain routes and telling you how much time does it take to complete each and every one of them. The ascent to the 1130 meters high peak called Županj Vrh follows PP 310 (the North Way). At the peak you'll find a box with a log book and a stamp. The trails descends down PP 311 (the South Way). At the circular (x) east of the mountain hut Korita the trail turns right and briefly runs back along PP 300-IPP until it turns left onto PP 317 (the Horse Trail), leading all the way to Brgudac. Go the same way back to return to Lupoglav.

Mountain hut Korita is managed by the Pula-based hiking society Glas Istre. Contact information is available on


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