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Labin mountain trail is a linear bypass connecting the most beautiful hills in the area of Labin and southern parts of Mt Učka. The total length of the trail amounts to 43 km, and it can be passed in three simple stages. Each year in April you can take part in Long Walk Day, a day long hiking trip to LPP. For general information and a more detailed description go to The symbol (x) stands for mountain trails crossroads, whereas PP is short for mountain trail.

LPP stage 2 of 3 starts in Labin, on the Promenade of St. Mark (Šetalište sv. Marka). The trail follows PP 705 and descends down the stone steps into the Podvinje Valley. At the (x) with PP leading to Oštri turn left and pass by a stream spring. The trail arrives at the educational trail Rabac-Labin and turns right. At the (x) with PP leading to Lovronci the trail proceeds straight. It leaves the educational trail, turns left and steeply descends to the stream. It continues along PP 704, where you'll be faced with the challenge of crossing the stream Pećine and climbing uphill through a small woods to the 5104 road leading to Rabac. The trail crosses the road and turns left at the (x) PP beneath the climbing site. In case of heavy rain or ice, instead of traversing the stream, you should continue your hike along the educational trail until reaching the football field Maslinica. Behind the locker room the trail goes to the left and starts to mildly ascending along PP 732, which crosses the road a bit further down the path and takes you to the same place as the original route. After the (x), the PP leads steeply uphill past the climbing site, crosses the local road by the water tank, passes through the village of Ripenda Vicani and continues uphill at a gentle gradient until reaching the peak of Standar rising 374 meters above sea level. Check in here at the control point KT 5. From Standar you will continue your hike along the panoramic PP 703 which runs downhill to the (x) with the PP leading to the village of Veselici. At the junction, the trail proceeds straight to the 377 meters high peak of Munac. After passing the peak, you will have to deal with an especially challenging descent down the rocky ridge called Kuk all the way to the (x) with the PP coming from the direction of Veselici. In case of heavy wind or if the rocky ground of the ridge is wet or frozen, it is highly recommended to continue your journey along 723 instead of risking over Kuk. This alternative will take you through the abandoned village of Veselici. After the (x), the trail continues its way along the gravel road, turns right beneath the coal transportation pipeline, crosses the bridge and arrives at the bar by the football field in the small coastal town of Plomin Luka. Then the trail follows PP 702; it turns right and runs past the football field all the way to the end of the main street, where it turns left. At this point, the trail starts to ascend. First you'll climb up concrete steps, which will soon give way to a forest. Climbing uphill, you'll arrive at Plomin's walls. The narrow street will take you to the square. Cross the DC66 state road and you'll reach the end of this section of the LPP. Go to the control point KT6, which is located here (the stamp is in the restaurant Dorina).

In the evening you should do a tour around Plomin's old town. In spring and summer months, its walls become stunningly adorned with bushes of endemic violet-blue flowers of Campanula istriaca or, as the locals call it, istarski zvončić. You can stay in privately-owned houses and apartments in Plomin.


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