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702 (ex 636) ST. ROCH'S TRAIL

The Trail of St. Roch starts in a typical Istrian village called Pićan, more precisely, next to the church situated on the main square. From there, the trail descends along the asphalt road up to the second curve where it turns onto a footpath running northwards. It follows than the main partly marked path, which abruptly turns into a marked mountain path.

The trail follows the mountain path only part of the way because it soon gets again onto a road that joins the asphalt road in the village of Slavići. Follow the asphalt road until it reaches its end, and then turn right, continuing along a forest path to your destination, which you will recognize by one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Istria, Sopot. Sopot is a true oasis of peace and quiet, for both locals and foreign visitors who frequently come to this area in their pursuit of heaven on earth. 

The trail is only 3.5 km long. Therefore, after reaching the waterfall you can either take the same route back to Pićan or carry on along the Trail of St. Simon to Gračišće, another medieval settlement typical of Central Istria.


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