Valamar Trail

September 29th 2018

The Valamar Trail is a trail running race or one taking place in the middle of the countryside along marked trails and made up of three different races. Classified by different difficulties, the races are suitable for everyone, from the top trail runners to trail amateurs.

There are two races for professionals: the first one is the longest one, 56.6 km with 1,810 m altitude which brings three ITRA/UTMB qualifying points; the second race is shorter, 30.6 km with 1,000 m altitude, bringing two ITRA/UTMB qualifying points. For amateurs there's "sweet little trail" of 11.8 km with 390 m altitude.

All trails extend through the beautiful surroundings of Rabac and Labin and are bordered by Plomin Bay to the north and the Skitača to the south. Competitors can enjoy the beautiful views from Oštri, Skitača, Crna punta, Standar as well as running along the charming streets of the old town of Labin and the picturesque hamlets along the trail.

Race registration: only through online application
Registration and information about the race can be found on following 

Welcome to the fourth edition of Valamar Trail!