Umag-Umago, Stella Maris


Umag run

Stella Maris

5 km, 10,5 km, 21 km Run

A half marathon and a 10.5k run will take place on Sunday, 14 April 2024 in Umag as part of Umag Run. We are anticipating a high number of runners at the starting line near the famous Goran Ivanišević Stadium in Stella Maris. The 21k half marathon route starts at the Goran Ivanišević Stadium and passes through the Stella Maris laguna up to the Polynesia settlement, after which it loops back along the coast towards Hotel Sipar Plava Laguna, from where the runners return to the Goran Ivanišević Stadium in Stella Maris (2laps).

The participants are also free to choose a shorter race - a single 10.5k half marathon section lap.
Registrations are open. Get your participation fee quote! Visit Umag and experience the wondrous Umag riviera in spring.

» For more information and registration, visit: Umag Run