Labin, Titov trg (old town)


Mountaneering to Skitača

08:00 h
Titov trg (old town)

The traditional hiking tour from Labin to Skitača takes place on the Labin Town Day. The tour starts at 8 PM from the main square in Labin Old town. On Assumption Day enjoy the inspiring landscapes of Labin area and the most spectacular views on islands Cres and Lošinj, Mount Učka, cape Kamenjak and the Raša River mouth.

Tourist-walking paths, called Sage Trail and St. Lucy’s Trail, dedicated to the saint patroness of the eponymous 17th century church, are located on Skitača.
Hear the legend on St. Lucy’s healing water- the said saint is the patroness of eyesight and eyes. The legend says that St. Lucy asked the locals to build the church dedicated to her on the site. They kept postponing her wish so the saint climbed the near-by hill, sat on a rock and started crying. Tired and exhausted, she eventually fell asleep. When she woke up the next morning she noticed a small pit (školnica) filled with water, so she washed her face. Since then, water from this pit has never dried up, and numerous pilgrims, the blind and visually impaired, visit the well.
Refreshment and resting place available from one of the most beautiful mountaineering dorms in Croatia run by PD Skitaci from Labin.